Saint Yves Concert first edition 2014

30052014-IMG_6355Great success for the Saint Yves concert that the international pianist Pablo Rossi[1], who lives in Brussels, very generously organized in favor of Saint Yves Fraternity’s social activities in Morro do Horacio neighborhood (Florianópolis, SC)! Joined to the talent of this son of Santa Catarina State (Brazil), who achieved his formation at the famous Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow was the Japanese singer Masami Ganev[2], who married a Brazilian surgeon of Florianopolis and Betina Maliska, who also is a native of Santa Catarina capital and is pursuing her lyrical formation in Paris. 30052014-IMG_6360Almost six hundred music lovers supported the project of creation of a musical school in “Morro de Horacio” for poor children. The beautiful Theatre of the Cultural Centre[3] of the city was kindly lent to the organizers, also.

A4-01 (Copier)To highlight this moment of exceptional beauty, the talented Luciano Martins[4] offered drawings about the figure of saint Yves, which were projected on the screen while listening the concert.

Besides many political and social personalities, kids and adults from disadvantaged neighborhoods attended the show, some of them entering the theater for the first time. Joy was evident on everyone’s face.

A4-10In the few next months, Pablo Rossi hopes to set up the same event in Europe and the United-States, before repeating it in Florianopolis next year. Art and beauty are a marvelous way to broaden our minds and to allow brotherly communion between human beings in spite of all barriers that divide them, are they not? They invite us to marvel at the amazing diversity of the great human family.