Who is Saint Yves?

Do you know saint Yves? The Patron Saint of Lawyers is also, with other saints, The patron saint of sailors, students and Britons.
Yves (Erwan in Breton) Hélory was born, probably on the 18th of August in 1250, in his family Manor, at Minihy-Treguier. He belonged to a low noble family of Brittany. After studying Theology and Law at Paris then at Orléans, he worked as a judge, a lawyer and a priest at Rennes, then at Treguier: they are two of the nine traditional bishoprics of Brittany. He was strictly attached to defend only just causes and he never had the poor pay for his help. He died on the 19th of May in 1303. The poor triumphantly carried his corpse on the night of his death to the cathedral for he had dedicated his whole life and fortune to the protection of the needy.

His whole existence is characterized by an extraordinary austerity, a permanent life of prayer, and a pronounced taste for studying, whether the Holy Scriptures or the Law. He slept very few and still less ate: he died with exhaustion after o life of humility and meekness, though his very rather fiery temperament that he managed to take control of.