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Saint Yves - granito Minihy (Copier)You may personally endure unjust situations: familial quarrels, problems about legacies, neighborhood disturbances, complications during trials, divorces, professional injustices, calumnies, business problems, etc. …).

Following the example of saint Yves’ spirit of conciliation, you hope that it will be possible to reach a fair solution, if possible without legal proceedings.

You may leave her your intention of prayer: it will be entrusted to an intercessor, in order to gain God’s help. For the intention he will commit himself (herself) to pray every day during nine days saint Yves’ prayer (Prayer) or to offer one day of fast.

Please send your prayer request to:


“Prayer request” in space “Subject”,

describing the request in the best way for you.


You will be informed of your request by the same email address.

And of course you are also invited to participate as intercessor!  (To help spiritually)