To help spiritually


Saint Yves - RaestelA lot of people endure unjust situations: familial quarrels, problems about legacies, neighborhood disturbances, complications during trials, divorces, professional injustices, calumnies, business problems, etc. …).

Following the example of Saint Yves’ spirit of conciliation, many of them hope that it will be possible to reach a fair solution, if possible without legal proceedings.

You can offer you as an intercessor for the intention you will be entrusted with, in order to gain God’s help. For the intention you will receive, you can commit yourself to pray (Prayer) every day during nine days saint Yves’ prayer or to offer one day of fast.

Please send your proposal as an intercessor to:

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 “To help   spiritually – Intercessor” in space “Subject”


You will be informed of your initiative by the same email address.


Thank you for your participation!